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Keeping children on a routine is helpful for a child’s development to form good and healthy habits, having self-confidence, overall self-love, and preparedness for the real world.

Hello Kiddie Daycare is located in Oceanside, CA. We specialize in daycare, childcare , and preschool that offers a structured daily routine with excellent Pre-K and Preschool program.

Our curriculum is designed to meet early childhood learning and experiences essential to every child. We have carefully planned activities which include:

Singing and Music - Musical experiences accelerates brain development in childhood in language acquisition and reading skills. These ignite skills in readiness in school such as intellectual social-emotional motor and overall literacy.

Show and Tell - An early language experience to build effective communication and self-expression skills that are necessary for emotional development in every child. Socially rewarding experience enforce and solidify home-school connections.

Backyard Play - Aside from activities that develop physical, dexterity and motor skills, creativity and imagination are also at work. This develops cognitive skills that teach them how to better understand and engage themselves with people they interact with.

Arts and Crafts - It is never too early or late to expose children in the wonderful world of arts and crafts. Brain enriching activities increase memory skills, attention and concentration.

Values - We never fail to teach good conduct, good manners, good values and emphasize on the importance of sharing, caring, and responsibility.

The Fun Basics - Learning Alphabet, Numbers, Colors, Shapes and much more.  The more fun the children have learning the basics, the more they will be enthused about continuing to learn.

At Hello Kiddie Daycare, we ensure that each child is learning new and positive things which help encourage and expand their enthusiasm and love for learning.

What we love most about what we do is hearing parents tell us how impressed they are with the results of our curriculums such as seeing how their children are more confident, enjoying singing out loud, expressing themselves well by speaking clearly. There is nothing more fulfilling and gives our hearts’ joy in hearing every parent tell us about the wonderful environment we created for their children.

We encourage children to welcome the new children with open arms and love.

Looking for a specific curriculum for your child? We would love to help, you reach out to us anytime...


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18 Months To 5 Years
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