About Hello Kiddie Daycare

Misty Sarivalas first began working in daycare in 1998. She really enjoyed working with the children and realized it was a great way to have a positive impact on the next generation. 

In 2001, she started her own small daycare center in Oceanside, CA. After a year the students grew in number and we moved to a larger daycare.

We offer a loving environment with a structured daily routine and an excellent Pre-K program for children two years to five years old. We incorporate arts and crafts encouraging the children to explore their creativity and imagination.

We also have special activities such as an annual Luau, a Halloween costume party, Christmas show, a birthday party for each child, and more. The children are certain to have fun while learning something new every day.
Here at Hello Kiddie Daycare, we participate in the Child Nutrition Programs. Children enrolled in our daycare benefit from this program as we serve a proper breakfast, lunch, and snacks. We believe that feeding them right will result in an alert mind and an active child.

We value providing quality service to our clients - the children. We make sure that we provide one-on-one with each child. Our excellent Pre-K-program has allowed us to give this focus to our students. Our team is always cheerful and ready to help out a student, whenever there is a need.

We are happy to answer any of your questions and will give you the information that you need, such as the rates, the enrollment period and the start of our classes. 

We can also give you a tour of our premises and give the chance to observe our classroom interaction.

We, at Hello Kiddie Daycare, want to make sure that your child learns something from our daycare while still having fun. If this is the kind of environment that you want your child to enjoy, enroll them at our daycare in Oceanside!

If you are interested in enrolling your child, taking a tour or have questions you can call 
(760) 630-6402 
or email
[email protected] 
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